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by Cheryl L. True

A dog crate is basically used to restrict or confine your pet's movements. However, there's more to it than that. The crate will be its own home or den where your dog can go to when it needs to rest or have some sense of security.

The crate can be a foldable metallic fence, plastic dog house, collapsible plastic or foldable portable nylon mesh crate. Choose one that's suitable for your dog depending on where you intend to put the crate.

shiz tzu potty training

A crate will be viewed as a comfortable and secure home for your puppy if you train it properly. It won't soil the area since your pet will rest and sleep there. This is a good time to potty train your dog too.

There are different sizes of crates to suit different breeds of dogs. Your dog must be able to sit upright inside the crate and lie down comfortably across the crate. It must be able to turn around inside the crate.

The crate shouldn't be used for confinement as a punishment for some wrongdoing. For example, don't use it to punish your dog when it doesn't listen to your commands during training.

Unfortunately, there are owners that put their dogs inside crates when they leave for work, fearing that their pets could destroy the home furnishings or soil the carpet. This is not a good practice.

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