Have you ever sat down and thought about how many various types of towels we need in our lives?

As a very active mother of 2, the one thing I never seem to catch up on is all of the laundry. I have calculated that as a family of 4 we go through a minimum of 22 towels every 7 days and the hardest thing is get them dried quickly.

A friend of mine who had just travelled to Istanbul for her holiday, recommended I try a Turkish Bath Towel as they were great quality, lightweight and quick drying. Inspired to find out more, I did a bit of research online and a brand named Mister Alfresco caught my eye as their towels are multi-purpose and were available in beautiful woven stripes in different vibrant colors.

I ordered two so that I could try them out. Amazon delivered promptly and from the very beginning I was impressed with the quality. As they were made from Turkish produced cotton and mixed with eco-friendly bamboo, the towels were very absorbent and felt soft and even seemed to get softer after every. The towel that I took to the beach, was definitely lighter than my last beach towel and folded down small so I had more space in my beach bag. It was a large size so my feet didn't hang over the bottom when lying on it, which is the main problem I had with my other beach towel.

I used the other towel I purchased as a yoga mat towel and again it was a very generous size, so it completely covered my yoga mat. It felt soft to work out on but also did not slip on the mat. I have been so impressed and will be purchasing more of these for the rest of my family and also as a present for my pal who initially recommended these to me.

Check this Men's Beach towel product out at Amazon now

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