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Jack Russell terrier training - housebreaking tips that work - My Jack Russell Terrier Vinny was full of playful energy when I first brought him home. He was 12 weeks old, confident and fearless. And though he had flawless breeding there was one little challenge I had to face - housebreaking my new pet.

potty training a jack russell

Now in theory  housebreaking is simple . It is a means of preventing the puppy from going potty inside the house and affording him the opportunity to do his business outside. And though Vinny was cheerful, he could at times, by the nature of his breed, be a little stubborn. Jack Russell Terriers are creatures of habit, and as such learn by association.

Here is a solid plan for housebreaking your Jack Russell puppy.

1. When you bring your puppy home carry him from the car to the yard. Pick a spot on the grass and wait for him to potty. When he does give him lots of praise. Jack Russell Terriers are very praise oriented.

2. Jack Russell puppies need to relieve themselves about five or six times a day. Take your puppy out immediately after each meal. A full stomach puts pressure on the bladder and colon. Puppies have limited bladder control and do not know they have to go potty until the second they go. Don't expect your pup to let you know ahead of time. As a rule expect to take your puppy outdoors every two hours and first thing in the morning. Be observant, if your puppy begins sniffing while circling an area this is a good indication that he has to potty. Immediately take him outside. By preventing accidents inside the house you will teach him that the only bathroom is the one outside.

3. Establish a regular routine for feeding and  potty trips . This will help you control times he should go out and prevent accidents in the house. First thing in the morning take him outside for a potty break (remember to praise) then inside the house for playtime, meal break, back outside, nap, outside, etc. After a time your puppy will let you know when he needs to go outside. It helps to have a specific area in which your Jack Russell can relieve himself. He will catch on more quickly.

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4. In spite of a regimented routine, your Jack Russell may have an occasional accident in the house. This is when corrective action is necessary. You do not need to hit your dog. The tone of your voice is enough to make your puppy know you are unhappy. A firm "No!" is all that is needed. Immediately take your pup outside to the designated area. Wait for him to go again and if and when he does, praise him. Remember, a dog learns by association and in connection with any act of wrong doing, he must receive some form of discipline in order to learn that he has done wrong. However, you must catch him in the act - it does no good to punish him for an accident he has made even five minutes earlier.

In summary,  housebreaking your new Jack Russell is going to take patience. You should begin the housebreaking process as soon as you bring your new puppy home. You must be willing to invest the proper amount of time and energy for just a few weeks in house training. The effort you put in now will last for the rest of your Jack Russell's life.

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