Best standard dog training collar that will last!

After buying multiple dog training systems I often find that the cheap ones break and the more premium ones last only about a year before they have to be replaced. As an avid researcher, I spent hours on Amazon to find one that would last a good amount of time without having to replace it straight away. I found the following system that comes with a 2 year warranty so I gave it a shot and I'm so pleased I did, the product is excellent!

The dog training collar works precisely how I expected from the advertisement and the best feature is that it is completely waterproof so my 2 labs can swim every day and I have no concern that the product will break. I would definitely recommend this product as one that definitely lasts and functions how you would expect it too. The collar is also great to use and once you learn the basics it couldn't be more simple to use. Make sure you read the manual so that you understand how to use it right.

Since acquiring the system the email response from the owner has been great full of extra tips and when I reached out to them they got back to me in less than an hour, boy was I impressed! I didn't expect a reply until the next day at the earliest!

I urge you to click the link below and take a look for yourself. The results I have got have been great, I only ever have to use the beep and vibration features.Take note that the orange model was the previous one so nearly all the bad reviews belong to the previous version on the listing. Thank you for reading my thoughts on this product.

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