As an avid customer on, I recently discovered this "Hands-Free" puppy leash from J&K9 Supply.

This leash has great reviews on Amazon so I was comfortable with my choice to order it. As an Amazon Prime customer I was excited because I knew I would receive my order in 2 days without any shipping charges.

Since I received my order this has been my default leash for running with my puppies. I really appreciate the ability to walk with both of my K9 companions simultaneously without needing to constantly tug them back to me. I've also discovered that the "bungee shock" technology enables me to maintain my control when encountering muddy surfaces.

As you can see, this "Hands-Free" dog leash from J&K9 Supply is loaded with One of a Kind features that every puppy guardian has been looking for. Let me share the "Secret" of how you can purchase your very own leash today!

Click on the link below to reward yourself and your puppy to a "Hands-Free" dog leash by J&K9 Supply today!

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Unique “Hands-Free” dog leash with “bungee-shock” action will upgrade your experience running with your puppy today.

Like the majority of dog owners you most likely have gathered several forms of leashes for your puppy. Unlike most traditional leashes, the “Hands-Free” leash by J&K9 Supply allows you to walk with your dog without the use of your hands.

That's right. This is a “Hands-Free” leash fabricated from durable 1” nylon webbing with three rows of reflective stitching for maximum strength and safety.

Other design features include:

1. A neoprene lined waist-belt that is simply adjustable providing a comfortable fit during any outing.
2. A “bungee-shock” technology that was created to absorb the pulling force of your dog without causing stress on you arms.
3. A 9 foot leash length enables your puppy to be positioned safely in front of you to minimize the chance of falling over them.

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