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great danes potty training

by Craig Clemins

All new dog owners eventually have to tackle the challenge of housebreaking a puppy. Housebreaking a puppy requires the owner (or dog trainer) to be patient and consistent in their commands. Unfortunately on many occasions, dog owners give up to soon and their puppies end up staying in their crate most of the time.

Dogs that are properly trained are also very happy dogs, usually these dogs have been shown love, attention and patience. If you use these three things mixed with the ability to be firm and consistent, you will house break your puppy much more quickly.

Upon discovering that your puppy has made a mess on the carpet, or somewhere else in the house - don't yell at him. This is the last thing you should do. You also cannot let your dog get away with him mistake as this will leave your dog feeling like he's the boss. One thing that can work well is to keep your dog inside a crate when you are not watching it. You'll find that dogs hate to go to the toilet near where they sleep or eat, so in most cases your puppy will learn to wait till he's outside to go to the toilet.

potty training for dogs
Many of the dog owners or trainers swear by the crate during the breaking period, this method gives the puppy just enough space to eat and to sleep. This is their only little house where they are able to get away from it all. After you have actually finished the training period you will find that the crate will become his favorite place just to relax.

Usually you will find that your dog will need to eliminate in the early morning after they wake up, when they are finished with meals and in some cases after play time and before bed. You should allow your dog time to conduct his business outside, and then take him back in the home. It is best to follow this schedule and he will usually come to expect when he should be going to the bathroom. If you should be late then you may find that the dog may have an accident.

For people who live in downtown apartments or places that don't have outside space, paper training may be a more convenient way of housebreaking your dog. Paper training works by teaching your dog to always use the paper as his toilet spot. If you use paper training you'll need to replace the paper each day.

As your dog gets used to his new toilet schedule he will begin to let you know when he needs to go. He may start running round in circles, scratching at the door, or barking to signal that he needs to go outside. If this happens, let him go outside, then reward him with a small treat for the good behavior.

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