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by Matt McGrath

It is always a fun and exciting time when you get a new puppy. Puppies melt your heart with their cute little antics and their adorable faces but as every new puppy owner soon learns there is one challenging aspect that they all must deal with and that is puppy house training.

You will need to work closely with and have patience with your new puppy when it comes to housetraining. A puppy is only a baby and a puppy does not have the comprehension level yet to know what you want him to do. It will be easier to complete your puppy house training if you are patient and loving with your puppy. Even though it is disappointing when your puppy goes potty in the house if you are impatient and express anger your puppy housetraining will take longer.

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At the beginning you may need to take your puppy out as often as 2 to 3 times in an hour. That may sound like a lot but a little puppy does not yet understand how to control himself and the active playing that most puppies engage in creates urine. Nighttime may be better as a resting puppy will not need to go out as often. Do not wake a sleeping puppy just to go out to potty but rather just make sure and take him out as soon as you can after he awakens.

The most crucial aspect to puppy house training is to be consistent. Use consistent commands, take him to the same spot and give him the same praise and treats. Your puppy will learn fast if you consistently do things the same way but change anything up and he may get confused. Puppies respond well to consistency.

As you are housetraining your puppy you will need to make sure that the experience is as positive as possible for your puppy. If he ever develops any fear of your reactions or if he ever feels fear that he is doing it wrong your potty training efforts will take more time. Your puppy wants to please you and if he does not know how to do that it will take longer for him to learn about potty training.

It is unlikely that you will be able to spend all of your time with your puppy so when you need to be away from your puppy you should put him in a crate. Puppies and dogs are natural den animals and they crave a small place of their own. Also, puppies will rarely dirty their own space so a crate will assist you in teaching your puppy how to control himself.

The most important aspects of puppy house training are to be consistent and positive. Make sure that you take your puppy outside frequently, especially at the beginning. Always use just one spot for his elimination spot and use consistent commands. Give him lots of praise for completing his chore and make sure that the experience is not a scary one for him.

Puppy house training is the most crucial part of owning a new puppy and you can train your puppy in just a few short weeks if you are consistent and positive about the training. You will then be able to enjoy your puppy more as he grows and you will never have to worry about accidents in the house again.

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