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Puppy Potty Training Made Easy

by Sandy Rutherforde

If you have recently added a puppy to your household, you'll definitely want to make puppy potty training a high priority. Your home will quickly become quite a mess if you don't teach your dog properly. When you decide to go forward with puppy potty training, you may want to take a couple of weeks off to be able to get uninterrupted time with your new puppy. If you don't, it could take you a lot longer to train your puppy.

Just like people, dogs learn new abilities at different rates. It could take awhile for your puppy to get a good understanding of where to go potty and exactly where to stay away from it. It'll require your dog a bit of time to get the picture that it is inappropriate to use any area of your home as a bathroom.

puppy potty training

While puppies are younger, they'll have to go to the bathroom often, possibly even every hour. It is best to anticipate several accidents once you first bring your pet home. Do not get angry because your new dog doesn't understand what he is doing wrong. Always be consistent and use one or two word commands each and every time. This will help your puppy potty training go quicker and much more effectively.

In the event you wish to train your puppy quickly, you will need to pay close attention to him. There will be signs that occur whenever your dog needs to go to the bathroom. He could possibly get restless, smell the floor, and nose around a spot in which he went to the bathroom before. When your pet has recently had his food, or taken a nap, odds are he will really need to relieve himself soon. When you take your dog outdoors to go to the bathroom, take him to the same location each and every time. Do not start any kind of play. This might confuse him about what the purpose of the outdoors visit might actually be. As soon as your dog really does potty outdoors, praise him with a lot of enthusiasm. You could possibly plan to keep small treats handy to strengthen this positive behavior also.

While you are inside, you'll want to keep an eye on your new puppy when he is potty training. Do not allow him to have the chance to fail by making use of some area of the home as the bathroom. You might have to keep him in a small location for now and follow him around when you allow him to wander further.

If you do have to leave your puppy, you may need to put him inside a kennel. Another excellent idea is a fenced yard outdoors when the weather is good. Be certain the young puppy isn't in a kennel any more than 2 hours at any given time when they're getting trained.

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Potty Training Methods for your Pet Dog

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by Lucas

There is a new member in the household and no its not another human being. Having a dog around, to most people, is like having a dependable, loyal friend. Dogs can be cute, cuddly, playful- especially the little ones. Owners know they will feel greater attachment to dogs who started with them as puppies. Then there is the reality that you have to potty train them when they start littering around the house.

First important tip is to stick to a schedule when feeding the dog.This makes you anticipate his activity better. Be consistent in what you feed your dog, when you feed it, when you give it water and when you take the dog out for a walk.

Stick to dry food - one that makes his stool consistent. Good quality, dry food helps him develop good eating habits. It should also positively affect how solid his stools are, his potty schedule and his ability to control when he has the urge.



how to potty train puppies



Once he shows the need, lead him to the designated place where he can do his thing. Show how he should position himself properly. Do this regularly. If he poops outside of the area, clean the mess immediately and mask the odor.

Use a handy leash to lead him around. You can take him outside for a walk once he is done. Dogs love spending time outside walking with their owners.

Don't take him back immediately. Let him have some fun. Praise him if he does it right. Reinforce the idea regularly.

Lastly, learn how to effectively communicate with the dog. This makes it a lot easier during the training process. Praise him whenever he does it right. All dogs love to praise their owners.


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Puppy Potty Training Tips

Learn How to House Train Your Puppy  in 7 Days - Free Tips!

by Todd Hammerstein

chihuahua puppy training

Everyone in the house will be so excited to bring a new puppy home. Reality hits once everyone realizes that it may take a team effort to train the dog with patience and love. Potty training your dog is one of the first tasks, and this alone will call on your to muster up all the patience and effort you have.

If you try to potty train your dog to go to potty outside before it is a month old you may be wasting your time. It's easier and better to start potty training your puppy around two months of age. At this point, the best approach is to work out some kind of routine with your puppy. Haphazard training rarely works.

If you jump up to take out the puppy every few minutes you will soon grow weary and your puppy may not get the point of too frequent visits outside. Set up a schedule to take your puppy out about once every thirty minutes or so. It's also a good idea to take your puppy out before you sit down for a meal. You don't want to have to get up and take the puppy out when you are in the middle of eating.

Establishing a training routine and sticking to it will help you train your puppy more quickly. It's hard to accomplish without a schedule. The sooner you establish a training schedule with your puppy, the better you will feel about your puppy and the more at ease the puppy will become.

Don't think of a routine as overly ridged or harsh. Working out a schedule may seem like more work than it actually is. The point is, however, that in the long run your puppy will learn faster. Routine and repetition are keys to your puppy's potty training.

If your puppy refuses to go outside try your best to figure out the problem. The first thing the dog has to learn to do is potty outside, not inside. Once that is mastered you can begin to work on other puppy issues, like barking.

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Potty Training Tips for Puppies

You Can Potty Train Your New Puppy in 7 Days - Click Here to Discover How!

by Cheryl L. True

Getting a puppy is an exciting time. The new pet is cute, playful and so much fun. However, when it comes to potty training, puppies can be a problem.

proven ways to housebreak a puppy

Most pet owners know that which is why they dread this animal. Admittedly, it can be difficult, especially if you don't know where to begin. To help you, here are some things you need to know.

Make a schedule - the most important thing to do when potty training puppies is to set a schedule and stick to it. If you keep track of when your puppy eats, drinks and plays, you'll have a good idea when to take it out to answer the call of nature.

Dogs are creatures of habit so the more regimented the schedule and the more you stick to it, the easier it will be for your puppy to learn the ropes. As a rule, take your puppy out immediately after eating, playing or sleeping. That's when it will most likely do its business.

As you get this routine established, you'll minimize the risk of accidents and increase your puppy's confidence. Soon it will be able to go on its own even before you take it out.

How often does your puppy need to go out? As previously mentioned, take your puppy out immediately after eating, sleeping and playing. Your puppy may also have to go out between those times - at least every hour and a half. This is because it has a small bladder and can't hold much.

A simple rule to follow is to take your puppy's age in months and add it by one to get an idea how often you need to take it out. For example, if your puppy is two months old, add 1 and you get 3. That means you need take your pet out at least every three hours.

Establish a routine for going outside - another very important part of potty training puppies is the routine you establish when you go outside. The first thing to do is to designate a "potty" area you want your dog to use.

Accidents happen - no matter how diligent you are in training your puppy, accidents happen since your puppy is still learning. If you catch it in the act, clap your hands or sharply say "no" to distract your pet. Immediately take it out to the "potty area", let him do his business and praise it afterwards. This will make your pet remember that this is the area that it can use.

Again, dogs are creatures of habit so they'll learn faster if they use the same area always. Take your puppy to the same spot and don't leave it to find the area.

Potty training puppies isn't difficult if you keep these principles in mind. Routines are important to your puppy's success. It will also make your life easier since you'll know when your dog needs to go out.

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Do You Know The Importance Of House Training A Puppy?

House Train Your Boston Terrier in Just 7 Days!

by Alex Pendry

Millions of puppies are adopted each year and even though we all would love to have a new puppy in our home; the truth is that they eventually grow up to be full grown dogs. As a matter of fact; it does not take long for them to develop into adult dogs.

housebreaking a terrier,

Most likely you are reading this article because you have just gotten a new puppy and now you are trying to begin learning about house training a puppy; well this will be a very important article that you read. As pet owners we all need to understand the implementing the best methods to begin house training a puppy. As we learn how to properly instill obedience training our pup will grow to be an obedient dog that we all love.

If you want your puppy to grow into a healthy dog with a great bond with you then you have to understand that house breaking a puppy is extremely vital. This will help both of you bond while she learns about the boundaries that you set for her while she grows up.

Most pet owners who do not take the time to implement the proper puppy obedience training when they get a puppy; realize that their dog becomes uncontrollable. They begin to notice all types of dog behavioral problems that they could have prevented had they done the proper training.

If you know anyone who has neglected to properly begin house training their dog; chances are you know that they have been dealing with aggressive dog behavior, anxiety issues and several other dog problem issues. The only way that you can avoid these types of dog behavioral problems; is to begin training your new puppy.

how to housebreak a boston terrier puppy

As pet owners we all want to live with obedient dogs that are healthy and willing to listen to our commands; that is why it is so vital that we all begin discover how important house training a puppy can be. Stop by our site below and discover how easy it can be for every pet owner to raise a healthy new puppy and help them grow into an obedient dog

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Secrets to Successfully Housebreaking Your Puppy

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great danes potty training

by Craig Clemins

All new dog owners eventually have to tackle the challenge of housebreaking a puppy. Housebreaking a puppy requires the owner (or dog trainer) to be patient and consistent in their commands. Unfortunately on many occasions, dog owners give up to soon and their puppies end up staying in their crate most of the time.

Dogs that are properly trained are also very happy dogs, usually these dogs have been shown love, attention and patience. If you use these three things mixed with the ability to be firm and consistent, you will house break your puppy much more quickly.

Upon discovering that your puppy has made a mess on the carpet, or somewhere else in the house - don't yell at him. This is the last thing you should do. You also cannot let your dog get away with him mistake as this will leave your dog feeling like he's the boss. One thing that can work well is to keep your dog inside a crate when you are not watching it. You'll find that dogs hate to go to the toilet near where they sleep or eat, so in most cases your puppy will learn to wait till he's outside to go to the toilet.

potty training for dogs
Many of the dog owners or trainers swear by the crate during the breaking period, this method gives the puppy just enough space to eat and to sleep. This is their only little house where they are able to get away from it all. After you have actually finished the training period you will find that the crate will become his favorite place just to relax.

Usually you will find that your dog will need to eliminate in the early morning after they wake up, when they are finished with meals and in some cases after play time and before bed. You should allow your dog time to conduct his business outside, and then take him back in the home. It is best to follow this schedule and he will usually come to expect when he should be going to the bathroom. If you should be late then you may find that the dog may have an accident.

For people who live in downtown apartments or places that don't have outside space, paper training may be a more convenient way of housebreaking your dog. Paper training works by teaching your dog to always use the paper as his toilet spot. If you use paper training you'll need to replace the paper each day.

As your dog gets used to his new toilet schedule he will begin to let you know when he needs to go. He may start running round in circles, scratching at the door, or barking to signal that he needs to go outside. If this happens, let him go outside, then reward him with a small treat for the good behavior.

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