The Process of Dog Potty Training

by Arnold Waterborn

Domesticating a dog for life in a home should be done upon arrival, especially in terms of potty training. If not done properly your home could become soiled with dog excrement. Here are some specifics steps you can take to avoid disaster.

When a puppy is 6-8 weeks old, they should begin a potty training schedule. Depending on the type of dog, it may take weeks until your puppy learns to use the bathroom in the correct place.

The first step to toilet training is to carefully observe your puppy, you need to be able to recognize the signs, and tell when your puppy needs to go. Command them to go outside the house at the first sign, and then give them positive reinforcement when they get it right.

The ultimate goal to attain in potty training a puppy is to train the dog to use the bathroom when and where you want it to. Right before a puppy is about to urinate or excrete, it will usually circle a certain spot and squat. When your dog does this, physically remove the dog, take it outside, and command it. Eventually this ritual will register in the puppy's head and it will signal when it needs to go out.

Puppies can't hold it very long and you may have to do this several times a day as. Also, be careful not to scream or shout at the puppy because it may cause unhealthy confusion and delay or impair the training.

To make the training effective, take the puppy out often, before it has to actually do the job. Once outside encourage your puppy to try to do its potty or urinate. Use the same words and gestures each time. Eventually it will start associating the words and gestures correctly and start responding.

Each time the puppy does as it is told, shower it with praise and petting. This will reinforce the good behavior.

Potty training is most effective if the puppy is taken out each and every time. Using a crate or a litter box indoors is not a good idea as it not hygienic, and the dog will not feel the need to go out.

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