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Some Basics For Housetraining Your Puppy

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by Eric Renfro

Puppies should be house trained as early as possible. Over 80% of dogs in the U.S. are kept inside the home by their owners. Failing to properly teach them to control their bladders and bowels will have frustrating consequences later. Fortunately, providing a healthy does of consistent discipline, patience, and attention upfront can help ensure your pup is housebroken early. There will be accidents, so plan for them. In the same way toddlers eventually learn to use the toilet, your puppy will also learn to avoid making a mess in your home.

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In this article, we'll describe two important ground rules that you should follow when housetraining your puppy. We'll also explain why establishing a routine is critical and how to handle the occasional accident when it happens.

Establishing The Ground Rules

Owners who are trying to housebreak their puppies often punish them when they make a mess, even if they don't catch them in the act. Avoid doing this. If you see you pup having an accident, a stern "no!" is good enough. There's no need for punishment; in fact, punishing him can have a negative effect.

Also, be generous with your praise. If your puppy is doing things properly, let him know. Remember, dogs need positive reinforcement from their owners. If you only reproach him when he makes a mess and neglect to recognize his successes, it will have a lasting effect.

The Value Of A Routine

The importance of a regular routine when house training your pup cannot be overstated. The repetition reinforces positive behavior. First, make sure you're providing your pup with plenty of opportunities to go outside; once every two hours is appropriate because they cannot control their bladders for long. Second, choose a specific spot outside that he can use to eliminate, and stick to it. If he has an accident, place the rags you use to clean it up in that spot. The odor will remind him where he is supposed to eliminate.

Third, establish a routine that includes regular feeding, playing, and walking time for him. That will help him adopt a consistent elimination schedule.

Paying Attention And Dealing With Accidents

When your pup is indoors, watch him. Don't allow him to roam freely throughout your house. That is an invitation for him to leave a hidden "surprise" for you. Instead, confine him to a certain area and pay attention to signs that he needs to eliminate. When you notice those signs, take him to his designated elimination spot and praise him for his success.

As noted, your puppy will have a few accidents. Don't punish him. If you catch him making a mess inside, interrupt him without scaring him (avoid yelling or chasing him). Take him to his designated area so he can finish. Then, praise him for it. Too many owners are quick to punish their puppies for having an accident. The result is that a pup learns to fear his owner.

Housetraining a puppy requires patience and diligence. However, if you approach it in the right manner, your pup will not only learn to control himself, he'll learn to trust you in the process.

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House Training For The New Puppy Owner

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by Matt McGrath

It is always a fun and exciting time when you get a new puppy. Puppies melt your heart with their cute little antics and their adorable faces but as every new puppy owner soon learns there is one challenging aspect that they all must deal with and that is puppy house training.

You will need to work closely with and have patience with your new puppy when it comes to housetraining. A puppy is only a baby and a puppy does not have the comprehension level yet to know what you want him to do. It will be easier to complete your puppy house training if you are patient and loving with your puppy. Even though it is disappointing when your puppy goes potty in the house if you are impatient and express anger your puppy housetraining will take longer.

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At the beginning you may need to take your puppy out as often as 2 to 3 times in an hour. That may sound like a lot but a little puppy does not yet understand how to control himself and the active playing that most puppies engage in creates urine. Nighttime may be better as a resting puppy will not need to go out as often. Do not wake a sleeping puppy just to go out to potty but rather just make sure and take him out as soon as you can after he awakens.

The most crucial aspect to puppy house training is to be consistent. Use consistent commands, take him to the same spot and give him the same praise and treats. Your puppy will learn fast if you consistently do things the same way but change anything up and he may get confused. Puppies respond well to consistency.

As you are housetraining your puppy you will need to make sure that the experience is as positive as possible for your puppy. If he ever develops any fear of your reactions or if he ever feels fear that he is doing it wrong your potty training efforts will take more time. Your puppy wants to please you and if he does not know how to do that it will take longer for him to learn about potty training.

It is unlikely that you will be able to spend all of your time with your puppy so when you need to be away from your puppy you should put him in a crate. Puppies and dogs are natural den animals and they crave a small place of their own. Also, puppies will rarely dirty their own space so a crate will assist you in teaching your puppy how to control himself.

The most important aspects of puppy house training are to be consistent and positive. Make sure that you take your puppy outside frequently, especially at the beginning. Always use just one spot for his elimination spot and use consistent commands. Give him lots of praise for completing his chore and make sure that the experience is not a scary one for him.

Puppy house training is the most crucial part of owning a new puppy and you can train your puppy in just a few short weeks if you are consistent and positive about the training. You will then be able to enjoy your puppy more as he grows and you will never have to worry about accidents in the house again.

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Are You Aware Of How To House Train A Puppy?

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beagle house training

Don't you wish that when you brought your new puppy home they knew how to do "their job" without you having to teach them? Well unfortunately it is up to you as the owner to learn how to house train a puppy as soon as they step into your home. The great thing is that it is a great way to bond with your pup and can be done quickly if you have the patience to do it.

House training a puppy is the beginning stages of ensuring that you will raise a dog that is obedient and healthy. We can not expect our new friend to know what we expect of them until we take the time to show them how we want them to act.

If you do not want your puppy making any type of bodily function in the house then avoid setting them on the floor. In fact one of the best things that you can is to let them to go outside in the back yard to take care of business before they are allowed to go in the house.

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Make sure that you place them in a part of the yard that you want them to do their bodily functions and let them know that it is their spot. As they become older they will eventually know that this is their spot and they will do all their business without being told.

You will soon realize that house training a puppy is not that difficult and will be very easy if you are willing to stand there with them while they do what they need to do. As soon as they finish going potty ensure that you give them plenty of praise when they are doing. Keep taking them to the same spot that you want them to do their business everyday until they are able to walk out there on their own. As long as you are persistent and continuous with your training they will eventually learn to pick up that new habit.

You do not have to be mean or punish them in any way if they accidentally go in the house. Just make sure that you clean up the mess very well with some cleaning solutions that will remove the smells. They are less likely to go in the same spot if they can not smell the accident.

Never get careless and punish your new puppy to where they become scared of you. One of the most important things that you have to remember about house training a puppy is that it is going to take patience for both of you to learn your new habits. Give them time to learn their new habits and stay consistent with your training; eventually they will pick up their new habits.

For some great tips on house training a puppy be sure to stop by and visit our site below. You will discover how easy it can be to train a puppy especially since all they want is to please you and get your approval.

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by Alex Pendry

Potty Training A Puppy Find Out How! How To Crate Train Puppies

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Two Helpful Methods To Housetrain Your New Puppy

House Train Your Dog In Only 7 Days!

by Kevin Lynch

Housetraining is regularly the first thing that a new puppy owner thinks about. Few puppies have received any training on housetraining before they go to their new homes. There are two uncomplicated methods that you can use to housetrain your puppy and you can use either one of them or you can employ both of them at the same time.

The first way to train your puppy is to be very cautious and watch his conduct. Puppies will cower to urinate and defecate. You must watch your puppy very carefully and as soon as he starts to change his posture then scoop him up and take him to his chosen spot. If you happen to overlook the sign and he has an accident, you should never scold him as he is still just learning and he does not know what is expected of him yet. Scolding him will just scare him unreasonably.

Also, if you miss the signs totally and you find an mishap later it will not do you any good to admonish him them. Dogs cannot think logically and they do not recognize what they are being scolded for after the fact. They can only relate to what is happening right now. If you scold your puppy it will just bewilder and terrify him and cause you more trouble in the future.

The newspaper technique is the second way of housetraining your puppy. Hide the entire floor where your puppy runs around. He will do his business on the paper and he will quickly learn that the newspaper is satisfactory. You must then steadily take away more and more newspaper until there is only a small piece left. Then you will be able to take the newspaper outside to the designated spot. He will then start going there where the paper is.

Both of these methods can be very valuable. You may want to use the first method of vigilance during the day and the newspapers at night. If you are frequently occupied with other things you may want to use the newspaper method more often.

At times an older puppy will go through a stage where he seems to have forgotten what he has learned about housetraining. This can be tremendously provoking but try not to chastise him for it. It is a common behavior.

housebreaking tips for puppies

Just use characteristic dog conduct to get him back on track. A dog will hardly ever dirty his own room. So use a crate and make it cozy so he thinks of it as his own. Let him snooze in the crate and immediately as you let him out, take him to his chosen spot. He will need to alleviate himself right away and he will understand to only do it in that spot.

Housetraining does not need to be complicated or daunting. Both of these methods can be quite successful and if you try them along with some endurance you will be successful with your housetraining before you know it.

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