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by Andyl Hannerl

Resisting the adorable face staring at you in the kennel at a breeders house is going to be really hard " until he makes his first mess on your carpet. Puppy house training should always be the initial step in setting up a good and proper relationship with your new dog; however, it can also very well be the reason of disappointment for some dog owners.

The good news is that there are some tried and true techniques that will have your dog pottying in the appropriate spot quickly and without the headache. Read on for tips for puppy house training that will make the first few weeks with your new pup a little easier to handle.


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Training using Crates

A lot of people have been using crates as a tool to use in puppy house training for several reasons. Dogs would normally not go to the bathroom in the same area that they sleep in, so keeping them in confinement such as the crate will help your pup to hold its urges to pee until he is detached from the crate. Once youve removed your dog from its crate, take him directly outdoors so he can do his business. And when he does, make sure that you offer the positive reinforcement so that it encourages him to use your backyard the next time he wants to pee or poop.

A crate being utilized in puppy house training will also provide a comfortable and safe place for your pet to sleep in when you are too busy to keep an eye on him. This is mostly useful when you are away from home or when you are sleeping or resting.

When you leave your pups unattended to their own devices can often become destructive. Having a crate will offer an atmosphere where he is unlikely to become injured or get into trouble. When it is your pups first time to use the crate, ensure that he stays in the crate for a short time, and just gradually extend his time in the crate as it gets more relaxed with its environment. Remember not to leave your dog in a crate for longer than 6 hours or 8 hours the most.


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Cleaning the Mess

When your puppy does have an accident in the house, it is best to ignore the mess rather than put your pup's nose in it or scold him. Take your puppy outside to show him the proper place to potty and then clean up the mess while your dog is not around to watch you.

It is important to completely eliminate the smell while puppy house training, because a dog will return to the scent to potty again in the same spot. There are very good commercial cleaners on the market today that effectively clean up such messes.

Puppy house training is a process that requires plenty of time and patience, but it is far from impossible. With consistency and the help of a crate, your dog will learn the appropriate place to potty in no time. Puppy house training is the first step in raising a dog that is a pleasure to his entire family.




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Samson is the sweetest and most mellow puppy we have ever met. He never went through the puppy stage of nipping at everyone and everything like our last puppy did.

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I was at work Saturday and a couple bring in their seven month old dachshund puppy. It was a cute dapple dach, with a poor coat, depressed attitude, and sunken belly.

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Having Trouble Housebreaking Your Puppy?

Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days - Find Out How!

by Peter Albertony

Having a puppy or a dog is a serious business. It's fun for sure, but there's some work involved. And one of the first things you'll need to tackle when you have a new puppy is house breaking your puppy. Potty training puppies is no picnic.

Unless you know what you're doing it can be quite hard house breaking puppy.

And if you get it wrong the results can be disastrous for your puppy, for you and for your family. House training a puppy correctly is a must.

And it may not even be a puppy you're house breaking. Not everyone starts with a puppy, some for various reasons end up with an adult dog. Not that it's impossible to house train an adult dog, but like a puppy you need to know what you're doing.

Now I'm not going to tell you all the steps to house breaking puppies here, I don't have the space or time, and I reserve that for my website. But I will offer a few tips here where I have space.

Firstly remember that you rule the house. In your dog or puppy's eyes you are the boss dog, you need to remember that. It is you who sets the rules and you who enforces them. This certainly doesn't mean that you punish your dog for breaking the rules of potty training, punishment isn't effective, but it does mean that you should learn exactly what you need to do to potty train your puppy, then follow through consistently.

Your dog expects you to set the rules and is looking to you to set effective boundaries on his behavior. So you need to be firm in setting the rules and teaching him what they are.

Instead of punishing your dog for a breach of the rules you need to use positive reinforcement. In the past it the accepted wisdom was to show him the rules, for example where his potty place was, then punish him for every breach till he got it right. This can take a long time and subject you both to a lot of stress.

And potty training a puppy is a process that takes as long as it takes. Regardless of how long it takes. Every dog or puppy is different. There is no recommended time, it will take as long as it takes. It will work if you're doing it right, it just may not work tomorrow.

It may take a while, it may not. Expect it to take while and be surprised if it doesn't.

House breaking a puppy is a process that both of you need to go through to the end. You need to learn exactly what to do, do it consistently for as long as it takes and you will succeed.

It's about you as much as it's about him. Know what you're doing and do it as long as you need to, consistently. Find out more advice about house breaking puppy at my website.

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