Secrets To Dog Walking In San Francisco

by Nell Soto

If you like dog walking San Francisco is an unbeatable destination. It's where you've got hills, long sandy stretches of beach, spacious green parks, and miles and miles of city sidewalks.

The routes you can take are seemingly limitless. Depending on how far you feel like going, you can set your sights on getting to the Pacific Ocean by walking the three miles from one end of Golden Gate Park to the other. If you have any energy left, keep on walking along the beach, running from the waves as they break along the shore. Or combine your walk with one of the most breathtaking sight seeing paths in the world by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. It's about a mile from one end to the other.

Wherever you're walking in San Francisco, you'll be required to keep your dog on a leash. It's the law. However, there are exceptions. The powers that be acknowledge the importance for dogs to have free open spaces in which to run and play. As a result, they've designated nineteen dog play areas throughout the City. The Parks and Recreation Department has mapped out the areas and published the information in a document titled 'Exercising Your Dog in San Francisco's Parks.'

If your dog likes to play frisbee, go to the big grassy area at The Marina. The wind is just right to lift the frisbee high and far enough so your dog can give it a good chase.

When you're in the mood to combine exercise with a little shopping, take a walk to Union Square. Most big department stores aren't likely to have a welcome sign hanging on their doors to invite your faithful friend to shop with you. So if possible, bring another (human) friend along to keep your dog busy outside while you do your shopping. But if you have a pocket pooch, one small enough to fit discreetly in your purse, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Whichever direction you decide to go in the City, make sure you are prepared to scoop your dog's poop along the way. It's required by law, and if you disobey you can be cited. No matter if you're walking along one of the more bustling city streets, or on a semi-isolated stroll through one of the foresty areas, the law applies -- as does common decency. But no worries if you've forgotten to pack along a bag. The City makes it so easy to comply by providing disposable bags and bins conveniently just about everywhere.

Maybe you're a local, or perhaps a short term visitor who's brought your dog along with you, for the best dog walking San Francisco is a top destination. Neither you nor your four-legged companion will be disappointed.

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