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This Year's Essential Beach Accessory – Multi-purpose Cotton/Bamboo Towel

Have you ever sat down and thought about how many various types of towels we need in our lives?

As a very active mother of 2, the one thing I never seem to catch up on is all of the laundry. I have calculated that as a family of 4 we go through a minimum of 22 towels every 7 days and the hardest thing is get them dried quickly.

A friend of mine who had just travelled to Istanbul for her holiday, recommended I try a Turkish Bath Towel as they were great quality, lightweight and quick drying. Inspired to find out more, I did a bit of research online and a brand named Mister Alfresco caught my eye as their towels are multi-purpose and were available in beautiful woven stripes in different vibrant colors.

I ordered two so that I could try them out. Amazon delivered promptly and from the very beginning I was impressed with the quality. As they were made from Turkish produced cotton and mixed with eco-friendly bamboo, the towels were very absorbent and felt soft and even seemed to get softer after every. The towel that I took to the beach, was definitely lighter than my last beach towel and folded down small so I had more space in my beach bag. It was a large size so my feet didn't hang over the bottom when lying on it, which is the main problem I had with my other beach towel.

I used the other towel I purchased as a yoga mat towel and again it was a very generous size, so it completely covered my yoga mat. It felt soft to work out on but also did not slip on the mat. I have been so impressed and will be purchasing more of these for the rest of my family and also as a present for my pal who initially recommended these to me.

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Dog Park Exercise Is Not Enough

For people with busy schedules and small yards, a trip to the local dog park to get their dog out of the house for a while seems like a great idea.  The dog is contained, gets to interact with other dogs, and the owner can stand by and drink a cup of coffee or check emails on their smartphone.  Sounds like a win win situation, right?  Well, according to recent studies, the answer may be no.

A trip to the dog park may not be enough exercise for your dog, unless you are walking or jogging from home to the park.  Depending on the breed of dog, it may require much more activity.  They also benefit from play exercise, where they are interacting with you.  Throwing a ball or frisbee for them to run and retrieve, chasing around and playing tag or tug, really any exercise that makes them pant will be beneficial to their well being.

Dog park etiquette suggests that dogs should be exercised, and ideally reasonably well behaved, before being brought to the dog park.  If dogs arrive with too much energy and excitement they are likely to excite other dogs and that’s when fights get started.  Dogs take cues from one another and are tuned into each other’s energy.

Couch Potato Dogs

Dogs were originally bred to work for their human masters.  Whether they helped with hunting or herding, or protected sheep from wolves, they spent their days outdoors getting a lot of exercise.  Over the years, as we have become more sedentary creatures, our hounds have been forced to follow suit.  Food is plentiful, but most dogs spend the majority of their time alone, and confined.  If we don’t provide them with some fun and exercise, we will be faced with behavior issues.  A few of the problems you can expect when dogs don’t have an outlet for their energy are destructive chewing and digging, tearing up the trash bins, rough-housing, barking, hyperactive behavior.  Letting your dog out into the backyard isn’t nearly enough.  They need to chase and be chased, jump, run, and frisk around.

The Benefits Of Activity

A dog that is getting enough exercise is much more likely to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.  Their digestive system will work more efficiently.  They won’t have excessive weight issues.  They will be tired out at night and go to bed when you want them to, rather than tearing around keeping everyone up all night.

If your dog hasn’t been getting any exercise and you want to start, a trip to the vet is a good idea to rule out any health issues.  Your vet can also suggest the type of activity best suited for your breed of dog, as well as what you can expect him to be able to do at his particular age.  For example, it’s not a good idea to take young dogs on long runs because their bones haven’t finished growing.  Some breeds are great at sprinting but can sustain injuries if they do long distance runs.  Breeds that are prone to hip dysplasia shouldn’t be made to run for extended periods either. If you are unable to provide outings on a regular basis you should consider a fencing system that allows for your dog to spend time outdoors with minimal supervision. This option however does have the risk of a dog that will simply sit in the sun outside without making an effort to move.

Written by Amber Gould

Useful Suggestions On Seeing Why Property In Dordogne Is Really A Good Value At This Point

Exactly why is now the perfect time for you to consider buying property in Dordogne? In a nutshell, there may be many reasons behind this. Firstly, it is critical to keep in mind that France has for some time been one of the safer havens for property investors, due to what through any stretch within the imagination is really a proven record of dependable property rates. It's definitely correct to say that French property for sale represents a rather safe and sound "long term" investment in your case.

People from around the world realise that France has an unmatched quality of life and standard of living and this is what attracts people to visit not only to settle but naturally to go to for the once-a-year getaway, making France one of the top destinations globally.

You may be conscious that current market conditions continue to be relatively slow inside the property sector. This doesn't mean that it is not a good time to acquire property in France, it simply signifies that you will find fewer buyers in the marketplace. What happens when there are fewer buyers in the marketplace? Invariably, there are far more good buys than there would be at some other time. Thus, the smart buyer really should get into the marketplace right now and benefit from the growth of vendors who are prepared to arrive at a great deal and in all probability will take a cheaper price for their property compared to what they might otherwise consider in different cyclical scenarios.

When you're looking for property in France which area is it advisable to consider? Is Dordogne ideal for you? It's a fantastic section of France if you want to try to concentrate on the quality of life that may have been missing for you recently. You can be far from the beaten track here if you want to, even though you still have access to regional centres for the purpose of business as well as for various types of entertainment. Bergerac is one of the most famous areas of this region yet there are a great many charming settlements, villages and towns awaiting your participation as you grow to be a valued member of this modern society, on into your retirement.

Inspiring Resources On Why You Should Think Of Property In Dordogne

Are you somebody who commemorates the wonderful outdoors, wonders and marvels at the scenery that our Creator provided for us? You may be somebody who has travelled widely around the country, exploring the great scenery that's prevalent in the United Kingdom. Perhaps you prefer to wander throughout the countryside and have spent a little while walking in the Cotswolds, a beautiful part of the South-west. This season you might be looking to expand your horizons somewhat and question just where you could get away to. You may be planning your retirement and preparing a mental note of the places that you would like to relocate. Undoubtedly, the Cotswolds are on that list but why don't you broaden the horizon a little more? If you truly appreciate the Cotswolds, you'll probably be really enamoured with the Dordogne district within France.

You may well have heard about a few of the more renowned spots in the Dordogne Valley just like the prehistoric caves, the pristine gardens, the over one thousand Châteaux, however this area is splendour epitomised just like the Cotswolds.

You'd be astounded to discover that property in Dordogne is abundant, gorgeous and really enticing. It's no wonder that lots of Britons are opting to spend their retirement years over the Channel. There's a different life-style here and an enchantment that's somewhat more palatable.

You don't have to focus on the really well known area around the river, or perhaps be close to the popular settlements like Bergerac. In reality, if you want to get a little bit away from the primary holidaymaker areas, the further north or south you head, the more of the hidden gems you are likely to uncover.

When you are considering French property for sale make certain you verify what's to be found in Dordogne. You'll notice quite simple travel links by either train or road to this locality from the UK, making it even more tempting for one to consider buying property in France.

Glenwood Gateway To Roaring Fork Valley and Redstone, CO

Gather your leather handbags and dog toys to Redstone for a family vacation of fun!

Redstone, CO is a unique little mountain village surrounded by family-friendly places to pitch a tent and 4-wheeling spots and the rushing Crystal river, and boasting a surprisingly fresh (if tiny) art scene on main street.

I first discovered Redstone, between Carbondale and Paonia, in the winter, when their celebration of the cold months was in its full swing. The one convenience store in townhad, as usual, gift-wrapped its two pumps, and the annual snow sculpturecontest was about to get underway. Redstone also holds gives sled dogs and their runners a chance to show off each year and always has something going on like the Winter Fest in February.

During the summer, Redstone is a fantastic getaway to splash around in the river, go hiking, and then head over to one of several colorful (their paint jobs are a wonder to behold) down-home restaurants, where you can get a hamburger—or you can get seared ahi tuna on a bed of lettuce. Look up the town’s tourism website to get a quaint little cabin near the valley’s lovely and burbling water source and whitewater rafting when the river is high from fresh mountain snow melt. You might also enjoy places for rent on the town’s main street!

A trail you should try in the Redstone is Avalanche Creek, right next to a great family-friendly campground, as well as good spots for backpacking on the trail or at the lake. This hike is a ways down a dirt road (in other words, bring your Jeep, not your Toyota), for an immediate taste of the wild, even before you get out of the car. You can backpack in all 11 miles to Avalanche lake, but it’s a good trail for meanderingso you can turn back whenever you run out of granola bars.

The historic aspect of Redstone is apparent even before you get off of highway 133, as you’ll see a lengthy row of coke ovens on the other side of the road as you make your turn into town. Also speaking to Redstone’s historyare bits and boulders of luminous marble washed down the river from the aptly named Marble, Colorado, just up the road. And then there’s the lovely , well-preserved Redstone Inn—or Redstone Castle. This handsome well-loved structure, made of—you guessed it—red stone, hosts a number of special events throughout the the year, organizes sleigh rides in the snowy months and carriage rides during the warmer season, and routinely provides live music during dinner. The Inn is the place to find lodging for the night, or just take a tour and find out about some of Redstone’s history.

As you prepare for your Redstone adventure, don’t forget to browse the inn and town’s websites to see what special things are happening, and pack your swimsuits or snowshoes, depending on the season! Redstone is the kind of little destination with every kind of the amenities you’ll want for a delightfully unusual escapade. Visit Glenwood Springs

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Dog Separation Anxiety A Real Condition Or Not?

by Douglas Brown

When a dog is left by itself then it may exhibit bad behavior which is termed as separation anxiety. Habits including too much barking, gnawing, howling, wrecking home stuff, peeing as well as excavating are found with dog with separation anxiety. This situation comes as soon as the master actually leaves the dog on it's own at home and goes out to other location.

The dog may feel that master is going to be leaving then begins demonstrating most of these habits. It appears hyperactive when the master goes back home. Stress and anxiety often is dog's emotion towards his or her master which is quite frequently observed. Most pet dogs routinely keep following their masters anywhere they're going to make sure they are certainly not left behind on their own. To relieve puppy panic, it's essential to discover a diversion intended for these animals as long as you're outdoors. You actually could possibly set the TV or maybe radio so that the pet dog could listen to people sounds or sometimes you actually may well keep your pet dogs with a plaything. It also is considered as a sound practice for you to give food to the pet prior to leaving which usually is going to help to make the dog tired after a little while.

dog separation anxiety

Dogs can quickly notice the signs of owner leaving the house by watching their movements like grabbing the keys, shutting the doors and putting on shoes. Considering that you possess a pet dog developing stress and anxiety, then you should leave your house undetected.

You'll need to be really relaxed while you're leaving your place or even when you appear just like when you get thrilled, of course, your dog will also get thrilled. You have to assure the dog that there is no need to panic. Practice a routine which includes grabbing the key, putting on the shoes moving out and returning back after 10 minutes. Continue doing this regimen each day so your pet dog becomes adapted towards the scenario and never go through stress and anxiety anymore.

To help a dog with separation anxiety act stoical. Actions together with crisis will heighten the panic with most dogs. Separation anxiety in dogs does not harm you in any way. It is only an instance where the pet dog feels panicky about you going away.

The first step is to understand what is going in the dog's mind. In case not one of your techniques stated earlier is effective then it's recommended to check out the perfect veterinarian that will assist you to by way of treatment for your pet dog. This could very well aid in calming the dog down and alter his / her attitude.

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A Quick Overview Of Dog Health Today

Learn The Basics Of Dog Health

by Coleen Smith

Pet owners absolutely love their pets, and dog owners are no different. People invest lots of time, energy, money, and love into their dogs. This means that dogs represent a large investment in many ways, so it's worth it to pay special attention to their health. If you own a dog it will definitely be worth your time to explore some basic information on dog health.

Dogs are very similar to people in many respects, and therefore, are also subject to many similar ailments. Fortunately there are many things that you can do to reduce the impact of health problems on your dog if you just know a few tips. As they age, dogs are more and more likely to experience bone and joint problems and eye ailments. They are also subject to diseases and conditions regarding their cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. Although these things are tough to avoid, there are numerous ways to address problems of this nature.

Exercise is a very important part of a dog's life. Some smaller dog breeds don't require a lot of active participation from their owners, since they are able to get exercise indoors. Other breeds may need special attention. Simply allowing your dog to go outside for a bit is usually not adequate, as many dogs will simply lie underneath a tree or in another shady spot. In order to make sure your canine friend gets enough exercise, it's a good idea to actively participate. Ideal activities include taking the dog for a walk or playing catch for fifteen or twenty minutes a day.

A good diet is as important for proper health, energy levels and attitude as the same thing is for people. A bad diet can be fatal for dogs, so a serious approach to dietary habits is important. Dry dog food is usually a better choice than canned dog food. Wet dog food can cause dietary and dental problem and are generally not as nutritional as dry dog food. Don't forget that all animals need access to clean water at all times. Vitally important for your dog's health is avoiding foods that can be fatal. These include chocolates and other sweets, raw meat, as well as raisins, coffee, and mushrooms.

If your dog exhibits signs of illness, discomfort or anxiety, you should take notice. Be alert for any significant changes in your dog's food or water consumption as well as his general behavior. Changes in a dog's regular eating pattern are often the first clue you'll have that something is wrong. Any changes in typical behavior should be observed and reported to a veterinarian.

Make routine visits to your local vet a normal part of your pet's health. It is important to catch potential problems early and to deal with the issue before it progresses. Also be sure to keep all vaccinations and other routine health precautions up to date. This is important in eliminating issues before they begin.

Dogs need love and attention just like people do. Dogs that are well treated and know that they are loved and cared for tend to have better overll health. A loving owner will also be more likely to become aware of shifts in animal health and attitude. Mental health is directly influenced by the amount of love and attention it receives, and mental health is also influential toward overall health. A happy, well-loved dog will live a longer, happier life.

Remember that all dogs are different, and therefore, they will require different responsibilities from you. Find out more about your dog's breed. Do some research on the internet. Talk to your veterinarian. Learn what issues are likely to affect a dog of that breed and age. Rest assured that, with an intelligent and loving approach, your dog should live a long, happy life.

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