Housebreak Your Dachshund Starting Today

by Margaret Evans

Housebreaking or potty training is probably one of the most complicated dachshund training lesson there is. For that matter, almost everyone would do what's necessary just to have the ability to effectively potty train their dachshunds. But nevertheless,, potty training a dachshund can be truly a handful. Are you wondering what to do so that you can competently and productively potty train your dog?

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Dachshunds are one of the hardest to housebreak dog breeds all over the world. Indeed, most dachshund owners are having a tough time potty training their dogs. It could be because of the breed's inherent stubbornness. However, most people fail in housebreaking their dachshund pets because they don't realize what it will take to achieve success.

If you are one of the numerous dachshund owners who are struggling with housebreaking lessons, then understand that the following tips are the essential keys to making potty training a fun, effective and stress-free endeavor:

1. Confining or crate training

Confinement doesn't suggest that you have to take your dog as a prisoner of his own crate. If your dachshund hasn't been completely housebroken yet, then you need to confine him everytime you can't keep track of him. Meaning, don't let your dog roam around, especially after meals or just before he goes to sleep. Otherwise, mishaps will happen.

dachshund housebreaking

And because dogs don't soil their own place to sleep, your dachshund will always try to get your attention whenever it's time for him to pee or dump. Just make sure that you don't hold off your dachshund's bladder for a long time or you'll end up struggling with more problems. Be observant of your dog's movements, especially those that signify his need to go to his toilet. The earlier you can crate train your dachshund, the easier potty training is.

2. Consistency in doing strict potty training routines

Of course, consistency is what it takes to make your dachshund get accustomed to following the right toilet habits. How will your dachshund learn if you keep on forgetting where to make him pee or dump? Do not be the one to break your own rules. See to it that you employ clear and uniform training for obedience commands. Be firm and disciplined when conducting dachshund training so that your dog won't be inclined to being dominant and stubborn.

3. Leadership and patience

Always be the one to take the lead. You are the pack leader and the master of your dog; thus, be the one to initiate your dog's toilet habits and don't wait for your dachshund to cultivate a routine of his own. This way, you can prevent him from getting used to peeing or dumping in your carpet, sofa and bed. Instead, take him outside everytime you sense it's his time to do his business. Guide your dog well and be patient enough because dachshunds could be very uncooperative and unruly. Without patience, dachshund training is more unlikely to be successful.

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