Get The Facts On High Fiber Dog Food and Diets

by Matt Knox

High fiber food is recommended by vets for corpulent dogs because it has fewer calories than regular food. Foods with high fiber have an identical effect on dogs that it has on people which we all know is good for us. There are also other added purposes for using food rich in fiber.

One of the other benefits from a high fiber food is that it makes your dog's stool "lumpish" and that can eliminate constipation, it also stimulates your dog's guts and boosts your dog's colon health.

If your dog is diabetic I am absolutely sure you are familiar with the knowledge that a high fiber food has its advantages in controlling the changes in levels of their blood sugar. This naturally is superior for the well being of your dog.

One of the other values of a diet including high fiber food is the prevention of bacteria buildup. When bacteria are able to grow in the bowel it causes sicknesses and bowel cancer can result.

Have you ever heard of "anal gland disease"? This is when the glands around the opening of your pet's anus become infected. You may notice if your animal is scurrying round the floor on his bottom or licking there a lot. For this infection you will have to see your vet. You can decrease the risk of this by employing a high fiber food.

All of the elements of fiber are really carbohydrates. The most familiar ones are rice, bran, corn and peanuts.

Fiber is not considered a required ingredient in dog food. I was shocked to find this out. I was also startled to find out that what most commercial dog food makers use for fiber is hair or newspaper. You must be wary when purchasing your pet food from your corner shop.

Fiber is obligatory for your dog's well being, but too much fiber can cause gut rot or gas.

Check with your vet and discover if your pet should have a high fiber food. Perhaps all of your buddy needs is some additional fiber. You can give your dog these things to extend their fiber intake :

Tomato Apples Wheat Rice

If your vet announces that your dog would do better with a high fiber food you can look towards getting a holistic dog food, or making home made dog food. When making homemade dog food you can put in the ingredients that are best for your dog. Holistic dog food will have natural foods which are normally higher in fiber.

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