So you've performed your homework, and concluded that the use of an shock collar are going to be secure and efficient for you as well as your dog. With the challenging part out of the way, it might appear like a straightforward job to choose a certain item and manufacturer, make a purchase, and get your dog’s training underway. However, many people find that it's not such a easy task, and have no idea how to begin when selecting certain merchandise. This guide can help you with this task.

Electric Dog Collars

If you are training in the field, or on the hunt, TriTronics is just the best in electric dog collar products. Providing several units to train your dog, TriTronics features up to One mile range, and up to 20 unique degrees of stimulation. The dog training collars provided with TriTronics units are water-proof and light-weight, and are controlled via super sturdy easily transportable transmitters. TriTronics even offers a wealth of add-ons, for instance holsters, battery chargers for collar and transmitter battery packs, and dummy collars. Fantastic products and services are supported with over Forty years of experience, making TriTronics the oldest and most respected company of its kind. SportDog offers a comparable, less expensive line of similar electronic training collars. Click here to see SportDog products which work in the same manner as other dog training collars, and are offered with a limited lifetime warranty. They're 100% water-proof and extremely durable, have up to 50 levels of manageable stimulation, and an enormous range of up to one and a half miles.

Containment Devices

There's two major types of containment systems: Electric, and wireless. For electric systems, PetSafe is an excellent product for the common dog owner. This kind of system needs the electric line to be buried just a few inches underground, while the transmitter may be designed to emit varying degrees of power. PetSafe is perfect for an average size yard. To fence larger sized areas with even more control and ease, look at an Innotech containment system. With Innotech, it is possible to safely fence up to 25 acres! Innotech can provide extra dog collars for the same system, for several hunting dogs. Although the two previous products are superb in efficiency and craftsmanship, there's 1 system which stands far beyond others in options and application: The PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence. This particular system uses a wireless radio transmission released from a central transmitter. The transmitter includes a dial setting that adjustments the size of the “fenced”, or controlled area. Using this type of system, you merely dial-up the edge, position the collar on your dog, and that’s it- simple, effective, and cost-conscious.

Anti-Bark Collar

The Innotech bark collar is quite possibly the most advanced and affordable bark collar in the marketplace. It makes use of an unparalleled gradual intensity system. Using this electronic dog anti-bark collar, a little charge is released as the dog starts to bark. With every few “barks”, the collar wisely raises the power till the dog quits barking, at which the collar resets itself to the lowest setting. Innotech makes their bark collars to be 100% water-proof, and super light-weight.

Beeper Collar

For several 100 years, bells were connected to hunting dogs when they're on the hunt in order to warn their owners of their location. However, bells quickly became entangled and muffled, and when a dog is still or pointing, a bell is silent. That is why Dogtra has designed the beeper collar. This locator collar can be set to beep constantly or sporadically, and can be detected from as far away as One mile. Dogtra offers units for several hunting dogs, and has ground-breaking options, including different modes to tell you when your dog is pointing, hunting, flushing, or stationary, and approximately how far away they are.

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