At Peppy Pooch, our own dogs just love love love their Bully's and we're certain your pooch will love these quality chews. Made with the same care and attention to quality as our Bully Sticks, the Bull Steer Sticks are a little smaller but are equally healthy and just as yummy! Bull Steer Sticks vary in length from 4 to 5 inches and are perfect for any size dog. Small to medium sized dogs will find them particularly rewarding.

100% all natural MADE IN THE USA from grass fed beef with no fillers or other additives, these yummy treats encourage quality chewing which can help tackle tartar and improve your dogs oral hygiene - which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS - other health benefits include lean protein for strong muscles.

Our chews are fully digestible, making them superior to rawhide chews, which can pose health problems for your dog and every Peppy Pooch Bull Steer Stick undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure the highest quality.

We're confident that your pooch will love these yummy and healthy treats.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Amazon customers trust our Peppy Pooch brand to be Quality Premium Products. If your pup does not love our bully sticks or if you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money with no questions asked.

You can find Peppy Pooch Bull Steer Sticks for sale at Amazon online. They are available right now.

Known as a snack that dogs just can't get enough of for quite a while, Bully Sticks have started to gain a much larger following among dog owners who are looking for an all natural chew that is very lean and healthy. While Bully Sticks can be sourced from a number of countries it is widely acknowledged that beef raised in the USA is the best, safest source for Bully Sticks. It is also very important to ensure that no chemical treatment has occurred to eliminate odor. It is perfectly possible to prepare the Bully Sticks using water only to produce a great product with low odor which is chemical and additive free. All Peppy Pooch Bully Sticks, Bull Steer Sticks and Bully Bites are 100% from beef raised in the USA and no chemicals are used in the preparation process. They are delicious, nutritious and safe for your dog.

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