I found this really fantastic Chewerz Sweet Potato Chews Dog treat on Amazon. Buying snacks for my furbabies is always an exercise in caution and research. There have been so many instances of pet snacks from China leading to sickness or worse in pups.

My animals are like my family. Therefore, I am extremely choosy about what I give my babies especially when it comes to snacks. I highly recommend all the dog lovers out there to please give your dogs natural if you can and always try to give chews manufactured in America and absolutely nothing made in China.

These Chewerz Sweet Potato Chews are wonderful and perfect for my furbabies. My furbabies can't get enough of them. I tend to buy dog treats that have simple ingredients.

I love that these are made with only two ingredients : Premium U.S. No 1 Sweet Potatoes and vegetable glycerin. That's it. There are no artificial preservatives. This is a high-quality, gourmet nutritious, vegan snack. Pets know the difference between high quality snacks and cheap snacks. I also love that these have no nasty odor when you open the package. The chews smells like 100% sweet potatoes.

These are soft and chewy and will take your dog a while to chew. I can easily tear them into smaller sections to give to my smaller dog. Best of all, these treats are entirely made in the USA, which gives me confidence that they're ok to give to my dogs. Chewerz Sweet Potato Chews also come with a satisfaction guarantee if your dog doesn't love them.

Lastly, these all-natural snacks are ideal for pups with sensitive stomachs. One of my pups is on a special diet because of gastrointestinal issues, so almost all snacks upset her belly. But this one hasn't caused any upset at all (I guess that should be pretty obvious since its 100% sweet potato and contains no artificial additives or preservatives.

I'm extremely thrilled with this product and my furbabies appear to love it. I'm sold and I'd gladly recommend these sweet potato chews for dogs to my friends.

As a protective pet parent, you desire what is best for your furbaby. You take pride in being picky because you desire a good for you, all-natural pet treat you can trust that will appease your pet’s need to chew and feel like one of the family.

At Chewerz Pet Treats, we are just as selective about what goes into our pet’s training rewards because we're dog lovers also. that’s why we use only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients so your dog can enjoy the healthiest and finest tasting snacks.

Chewerz Sweet Potato Chews are made with high quality grade U.S. No. 1 Sweet Potatoes and vegetable glycerin. That's it. Sweet Potatoes are one of mother nature’s perfect foods making it a healthy, chewy and tasty treat your dog is going to love.

In fact, we are so sure your dog will love our Chewerz Sweet Potato Chews, we guarantee every package. If you are not totally happy with Chewerz Sweet Potato Chews, just send back the bag for a complete refund.

Chewerz Pet Treats makes it easy for you to give delicious 100% Made in USA treats to your pup. In your dog’s eyes, that makes you the greatest owner ever!

Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Potato-Treats-Chewerz-Pet/dp/B01AUAHWL4/Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs/

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