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House Train A Dog

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Many people love to have pets and particularly dogs as part of their families. If you have had plenty of experience caring for dogs you no doubt know there can be some stumbling blocks at first, especially when introducing a new puppy to the household. With all the excitement of the new puppy it soon turns to the  question. How to house train a dog? There are differing ideas of how to accomplish this task.

Housebreaking dogs stirs up some bad feelings for some people from previous attempts to train their family dog or puppy. For others they had quick and easy success potty training dogs. Some of the difference can be seen when the training was accomplished at an early stage in the puppies life. Sometimes though if you acquire an older dog which has not been accustomed  to being indoors nerves of both the dog and owner may be tested. Other factors can be the time of year whether winter or summer, as in some climates the winter snow may be a challenge to have the dog or puppy go outside. If you work during the day and the dog is left alone for extended periods housebreaking a puppy may prove to be a task.

house train a dog

Crate training a dog  involves the use of a crate or kennel type box to place the dog in for the time that you are unable to be at home. This can work as long as the time in the crate is not overly long. A mature dog can go for longer periods than a puppy so the puppy will have to be let out more often. The crate is also a tool that can be used to teach the puppy to take a 'time out'. Although puppies love to play and be with you they need plenty of rest to be able to grow and mature properly.

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Learning how to house train a puppy need not be a labourous task. There are a number of resources available in the way of ebooks and online materials that give great insight into potty training dogs. Most of the time the general rule is to use common sense and adapt ideas and processes to your particular situation regarding time and how soon you want to complete the training.  Once the potty training is complete you may also wish to teach your puppy other skills as well.

So check out some of the recommended methods to house train a dog. In short order you will soon be enjoying your time together with your new dog or puppy. If you have set backs don't dis-pear given some patience you will get the job done. You can train your own dog too, some people resort to training services but that isn't necessary. It has even been said that you can house break a dog in 7 days. That may be possible, but it is not a wise idea to expect that every dog or puppy can be fully potty trained in just 7 days. It may be a good goal, yet a more flexible time frame is probably best.

The main goal is to train you new family member as soon as possible and with the least stress on both the animal and yourself. Having a new puppy can be the start of a long term friendship which is unlike any other.

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